About Donate Life SC

Our Mission:

Is to promote organ and tissue donation for transplantation and provide emergency patient assistance to South Carolina transplant recipients.  Donate Life South Carolina established and maintains the SC Organ and Tissue Donor Registry.

Our Vision:

To work collaboratively with partnerships in this state and the nation so that all individuals work are in need of an organ transplant receive one.

Donate Life South Carolina History:

Founded in 1996 by Lawrence F. McManus, MD: Larry McManus.  Dr. McManus was an orthopedic surgeon, a transplant patient, an activist, and ultimately, the visionary of Gift of Life Trust Fund, the non-profit organization promoting organ and tissue donation whose name was changed to Donate Life South Carolina (DLSC) during 2006 in keeping with the national Donate Life America branding effort.

It was personal…

By 1989, Larry’s liver had failed. He was told he could expect 12 to 18 months of life without treatment – and the only treatment and chance for long-term survival was a liver transplant.  In May 1991, Larry was placed on the national waiting list to receive a liver. After waiting 180 days he received a donor organ, the “Gift of Life.”

Experience into action…

As a result of their experiences, Larry and his wife, Kitty, founded Donate Life South Carolina (DLSC) formerly known as the Gift of Life Trust Fund (GLTF), an organization whose mission was to educate South Carolinians about the importance of becoming organ and tissue donors. The couple’s challenges in navigating the transplant process inspired them to later include a patient assistance component.

Spreading the message….

Dr. McManus died June 19, 2001 but his legacy continues through the work of the DLSC staff, Board and his wife, Kitty McManus. The last years of his life were filled with accomplishments and gratitude for the donors who gave him the gift that enabled him to achieve great things during his time here. In his words, “What greater act of love and charity can one show than by becoming an organ and tissue donor? I thank my donors every day for their generosity.”

Continuing the Growth…

In 2007, through the hard work and passion of the Donate Life South Carolina staff and the SC General Assembly, Governor Mark Sanford signed into law the first person consent for the new South Carolina Organ and Tissue Donor Registry.

If you obtained your SC Driver’s License or ID prior to December 23, 2008, you are not in the donor registry. This symbol on your SC Driver’s License or ID shows that you are already in the registry. If you do not have that symbol on your SC Driver’s License/ID you can sign up now to be in the S.C Organ, Eye, And Tissue Donor. Click on REGISTER to help save lives. Then check “Yes” to donation when you visit the SCDMV again to have this new heart symbol put on your license/ID.

A strong future awaits Donate Life South Carolina as we remain focused on our mission by holding strongly to our vision “to work collaboratively with partnerships in this state and the nation so that all individuals work are in need of an organ transplant receive one.”